7 December 2011

Glowing Support to Help Toads Cross Roads

Froglife has teamed up hi-tech light specialists The Glow Company to support volunteers saving toads. 
As the weather begins to become warm and damp in spring 2012, Common toads (Bufo bufo) will wake up from their winter hibernation.  The only thing toads are interested in every spring is getting back to their breeding ponds –generally not just any old pond, but the pond they grew up in themselves.  They will try to get back there, no matter what is in the way – including busy roads.
A Common toad Bufo bufo crossing a busy road 
Some animals are lucky enough to have one of Froglife’s Toad Patrols to help their crossing.  This can help give local toads a fighting chance of survival into the future.  In spring 2011 alone, over 67,000 toads were saved by Toad Patrol volunteers all over the UK.
“Thanks to our Tuppence a Toad fundraising appeal launched last October, Froglife can offer extra support to help the volunteers with the next migration,” explains Liam.  “They can get in touch with us to access free resources like buckets and hi-vis vests.”
On top of this, The Glow Company will be offering a 15% discount on any of their luminescent products to all Toad Patrollers in time for next spring.  Useful items for keeping safer whilst protecting toads include LED traffic batons, wand torches, head torches, and glow in the dark hi vis vests.
  • If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Toad Patroller, Froglife can put you in touch with your local patrol, or support you to set up a new patrol at a toad hot-spot. 
  • You can also help Common toads by creating a compost heap or log pile in your garden, creating a pond, and avoiding the use of slug pellets and other garden chemicals.
  • Toad Patrollers can find more information on the Froglife website – www.froglife.org and access the discount by contacting Froglife on 01733 558844 or emailing Liam Atherton liam.atherton@froglife.org
Beautiful greetings cards featuring toads are available in the Froglife Shop, and make a perfect gift for Christmas!  Find out more here.

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