8 December 2011

A Froglife Song for Christmas!

Froglife Friends Zamba, who’s bouncy Froglife song was inspired by the plight of amphibians and roads, have an EP which features the Froglife single - an ideal Christmas gift.

Zamba have been busy with lots of gigs in and around their native north Devon, and were even shortlisted for the Best Reggae Act in the South West Music Awards!
The Zamba crew (in person and virtually!) at the South West Music Awards
The carnival band contacted Froglife earlier in the year to let us know we had inspired their creativity, and the hopping Froglife song has been the theme tune for events in London and Manchester so far.  A donation from the profits of the Froglife song will help support our Toads on Roads project.
  • You can buy the Froglife single online from iTunes and Amazon
  • Hard copies of the Froglife EP are available from the band. A perfect Christmas gift, the CD also makes a difference for wildlife! They are available for £6 including postage and packing by emailing Della on zambaband@hotmail.com
There are lots of other goodies available in the Froglife shop on our website here!

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