18 April 2013

Count down to Save the Frogs Day!

Froglife is very excited about this annual event to raise awareness about amphibian conservation, started by ecologist Dr Kerry Kriger in the USA.  Save the Frogs Day falls on Saturday 27th April and will be celebrated across the world.

With a third of all amphibian species at risk of extinction globally, this day of activity aims to spread the word about the threats facing frogs and other animals.

Save the Frogs! Digging a pond can help common frogs like this lovely creature
To celebrate, Froglife’s Dragon Finder Team will be hosting a Save the Frogs Day event in the Wildlife Garden at the Natural History Museum, London. We will be running educational sessions throughout the afternoon, from 12-4pm. 

The sessions will begin with a fascinating talk that celebrates the amazing amphibians that we share our planet with, and also sheds light on the reasons for their decline. The talk will be followed by a craft session, in which participants get to decorate and take home their very own tropical frog model. Between the sessions you can also join us for a spot of pond dipping, and get up close with some of our native amphibian species.

Watch this space for more news about this exciting day of activities and some unusual supporters for the amphibian cause!
Photo: Laura Brady

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