23 April 2013

Artist Helps Save the Frogs with Unique Images

Froglife favourite artist Ruby Tingle has hopped on board with Save the Frogs Day this year, helping to raise awareness about the threats facing frogs with some unusual collage images.
Ruby, a multidisciplinary artist based in Manchester, is passionate about frogs and the images are part of the international day of activities spreading the word about the threats facing frogs.  Save the Frogs Day is on Saturday 27th of April 2013, and Froglife is working with a range of people and organisations to make sure more people know about what's happening to the world's frogs.
The collage images raise the issues of habitat loss and disease, some of the threats that mean that over 30% of frog species across the globe are now at risk of extinction.

Mrs Frog Lost by Ruby Tingle

Gentleman Salamander and Lady Frog by Ruby Tingle

Mother Frog by Ruby Tingle

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