25 April 2013

John Shuttleworth Sings for Frogs (and newts and toads)

Cult comic singer John Shuttleworth has penned a tune in honour of Save the Frogs Day this Saturday.   Alter ego of comedian Graham Fellows, who has been inspired to get behind the amphibian conservation cause, John’s gently humorous track was written to help raise awareness of the threats facing frogs. 

Over 30% of frogs across the world are threatened with extinction, with common frogs in the UK at risk of declines caused by habitat loss and disease.  ‘Love the Toads (Warts and All)’ sings the praises of underappreciated amphibians, including frogs and newts.  It is available as a free download from www.soundcloud.com

Having already done some fundraising through a gig in his home town of Louth, Froglife was really excited when we were promised a song.  Graham explains how he got hooked on the amphibian cause.

"My 10 year old son, George wanted to see what frogspawn and tadpoles looked like," explained Graham. "It was Spring but the ponds in my area were all frogless. I realised the only way was to go on Youtube. Fancy that - a kid having to go online to find out what a tadpole looks like. When I was his age, we had frogspawn coming out of our ears! The shock of this realisation galvanised me into contacting Froglife and offering John's services," Graham added.

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